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Visit of Japan’s Disaster Relief Expert Team

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With the landslides and flooding resulted by the recent torrential rains, Japan International Cooperation Agency has stepped forward to extend their support in the attempts of the Ministry of Disaster Management in managing the post-disaster situation of the country. As per the request of Ministry of Disaster Management, a team of Japanese experts in the fields of landslide mitigation and flood protection was dispatched to Sri Lanka on 3rd June, 2017.

A stakeholder meeting with the team was organized by the Ministry of Disaster Management on Sunday, 4th June 2017. It was followed by an aerial survey covering Ratnapura, Kalutara, Matara and Galle districts. The understanding and observations gathered through the survey is expected to share with the stakeholder organizations.  

National Building Research Organisation, joined hands with the Expert Team comprised of five members in an aerial survey in the affected regions. This was with the hopes of gaining an overview of the current disaster situation in the country. The team was accompanied by senior officials of NBRO, Disaster Management Centre and Department of Irrigation.




Expertise/ Organisation


Deputy Team Leader

Kimiko Takeya

DRR Policy/ Flood Control/ BBB Policy - Distinguished Technical Advisor to the President JICA



Takayuki Nagai

SABO (Erosion Control Engineering) - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism



Watarau Sakurai

SABO (Erosion Control Engineering) - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism



Abdul Wahid Mohamed Rasmy

Civil Engineering, International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management


Cooperation Planning/ Flood Control

Yoichi Inoue

Cooperation Planning/ Flood Control- Acting Director, Disaster Risk Reduction Team 1, Disaster Risk Reduction Group, Global Environment Department, JICA