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National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) the premier research & development institute
established in 1984 has now grown in to a successful technical service provider and research & development institution
where experts from multiple disciplines have teamed up and dedicated to create a disaster free built environment for the nation.


 Disaster Resilient Resettlement Programme for Landslide and Flood Victims


Government of Sri Lanka plans to resettle families living in hazard-prone areas of Ratnapura, Kalutara, Galle and Matara Districts. The loss of lives and property damage by recent severe landslides and floods in central and southern half of Sri Lanka were heavy and climate change is inducing more extreme rainfall events.


NBRO prepared several plans for disaster resilient houses and ‘Implementation Framework’ that describes resettlement procedures and roles of relevant stakeholders. These were given to concerned District Secretaries following the recommendations of the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers to use said NBRO plans and Framework in proposed resettlement.


NBRO will further provide the technical assistance for the overall programme, providing recommendations for beneficiary selection, land selection, land development, designing the house plan and preparing the BOQ, providing technical advice for land sub division, layout planning and house plan selection, monitoring and providing necessary technical inputs for land development and house construction.  


Example for a Flood Resilient House

Examples for Houses suitable for Sloping Areas


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