National Building Research Organisation

National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) the premier research & development institute
established in 1984 has now grown in to a successful technical service provider and research & development institution
where experts from multiple disciplines have teamed up and dedicated to create a disaster free built environment for the nation.


The Terminal Evaluation Mission of the project TCLMP, Technical Cooperation for Landslide Mitigation Project was held during 14th September – 4th October 2017 and it was successfully wrapped up on 4th October 2017 at the Terminal Evaluation stakeholder meeting at the Ministry of Disaster Management. The meeting was honored with the presence of the Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management as the chairman, while officers from NBRO including the Director General, Dr. Asiri Karunawardena, evaluators representing JICA  as well as the designated local evaluators, Mr. Mubarak Faleel, Director, Department of National Planning and Mr. Nandana Cooray, Asst. Director (Planning), Ministry of Disaster Management were present for the discussion.

 The Technical Cooperation for Landslide Mitigation Project was incepted in year 2014 with the main objective of elevating the landslide management capacity of NBRO through the application of mitigation measures with Japanese technology. Accordingly, three pilot projects have been successfully completed which involved the rectification of three sites under landslide and rock fall threat namely, Udamadura, Badulusirigama and Alagumale with technical and financial assistance of JICA. In addition, a number of other fruitful contributions including overseas and local workshops, seminars and technology transfer programs were further incorporated to the Project. The Project duration spanned from Oct. 2014 to Oct. 2017.

At the successful completion of the Project, the Mission was arranged by JICA as per the requirement of the Memorandum of Understanding in between JICA and NBRO primarily for assessing the achievement of the Project and then to come up with recommendations for potential projects. Matters pertaining to the Project achievements and effectiveness of the Project outcomes were openly discussed by the stakeholder parties and conclusions were drawn regarding possible future collaborations, as to how JICA can further assist to meet requirements of NBRO in elevating its landslide management capacity.

The Mission, on the whole, concluded on a happy note, the outcomes of the project TCLMP being assessed as successfulas it was revealed through the Terminal Evaluation Meeting.