Building Materials Research & Testing Division (BMRTD)

Building Materials Research and Testing Division laboratory is one of the oldest testing laboratories established for testing of construction materials. Its services now have expanded considerably, making itself as one of the leading and reputed laboratories in Sri Lanka. We offer services including physical and mechanical testing for laboratory samples, building investigation, awareness and training programs and R & D in the field of construction materials.

The laboratory is best known for its reliable accurate and efficient services to the clients. We are also accredited by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) for the mechanical tests on crushing strength on concrete cubes and the tensile testing on reinforcement bars. As an expansion new testing services and office facilities will be set up adjacent to the present laboratory.

The laboratory employs highly qualified and experienced professional engineers and skilled and trained technicians. We have excellent performance records of test results and senior staffs are fully- trained and capable of clarifying customer queries regarding testing procedures and test results.

Laboratory Accreditation Status of BMRTD

Materials testing laboratory was accredited by Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) to comply to the ISO 17025 for the mechanical testing on Concrete cube crushing in accordance with SLS 1144 and Tensile testing on reinforcement bars in accordance with (BS 4449 & SLS 375) ISO 6892 & SLS 978.

The staff training and competence evaluations are carried out to achieve the overall quality objectives as per quality manual and systems are regularly monitored by the SLAB.

All equipments are calibrated by Sri Lanka Standard Institute (SLSI) to ensure the required accuracy and traceability to international standards.



NBRO Product Certification Scheme 

Application launching ceremony of NBRO Product Certification Scheme was held on 03rd of October 2017 at the NBRO auditorium with the participation of manufacturers, end users and other government organizations related to construction industry.

NBRO Product Certification Scheme ensures that the quality of construction materials manufactured conforms to applicable product standard consistently and continuously.

Interested parties are invited to apply.



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