Site Investigations

Soil, rock, and bedrock properties on and below your site is the critical factor for your constructions. Our geotechnical services provide you with a diverse range of testing and analyses for both surface and subsurface exploration of your site to identify the subsurface profiles and potential risks to assess how earth materials will interact with your proposed structures and to provide you the accurate recommendations.

And as the mandatory organization for the landslide studies in the country, we offer our geotechnical services for mitigation of landslides through in-situ and laboratory testing, installations of instruments, monitoring and data analyses to provide our people a safer environment.

Our services extend to In-situ test and Installations as listed below:

  • Geotechnical investigations
    • Borehole investigations/ wash boring
    • Horizontal drilling
    • Standard Penetration Test
    • Mackintosh Probe Testing
    • Soil Permeability Testing
    • Vane Shear Test
    • Field CBR Test
    • Plate Bearing Test
    • Plate Load Test
    • Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (DCPT)/ Static Cone Penetration Test (SCPT)
    • Field density Test (Sand cone test)
    • Hand Auguring
    • test pit logging & Collection of undisturbed samples
    • Installation of piezometers, extensometers, pipe strain gauges, Inclinometers
  • Geophysical investigations
    • Geo-electric Sounding (Resistivity Survey)
    • Seismic survey
    • GPR
  • Geological investigations
    • Geological mapping
    • Rock and soil classification
  • Hydrogeological investigations
    • Water pressure testing in boreholes (lugeon test)

BH investigation at Kokmaduwa

Packer test at Elahara

Test pit at Habarana


Seismic survey at Imbulpe and Kalupahana High density electric sounding at Kahagalla

Installation of Landslide monitoring equipment / LDPP (pipe strain gauge, inclinometer and extensometer)

Monitoring of landslide / LDPP

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