Environmental Testing

  • Stack emissions monitoring in industrial facilities and service facilities such as power plants, hospital incinerators, generator emissions, etc.
  • Ambient air quality monitoring.
  • Indoor air quality monitoring.
  • Monitoring industrial environmental quality with OSHA, NIOSH guidelines.
  • Monitoring ambient hazardous fibers industrial environments (asbestos).
  • Noise, and vibration monitoring in industrial emission, construction projects.
  • Testing potable water sources, piped water supplies for drinking water quality.
  • Testing wastewater for Environmental Protection licensing.
  • Chemical testing of construction material (Cement, lime, additives, aggregates)
  • Testing soil, river, lake and wetland sediments for contaminates. (heavy metals, aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, PCBS, oils and greases, etc.)
  • Testing water for microbial quality.
  • Test water samples for planktons.
  • Monitor lakes and stream water and ground water quality.
  • Testing water for limnological parameters.
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