Environmental Laboratory

The Environmental Laboratory was established under the division in 1987 with facilities to measurer a wide range of environmental parameters in ambient water, wastewater covering physico-chemical and bacteriological parameters, ambient air quality, noise and vibration.

The entire laboratory was fully sponsored by the UNDP/UNCHS under SLR/84/036. Under this project training was provided to scientists and technical officers through an in-depth in-service program by both local experts and an international consultants from Loughbrough University, U.K.

Current Status

Environmental Laboratory is equipped with the modern facilities, sophisticated instruments and along with its qualified and committed staff the laboratory continues to provide analytical services timely to its clients.

The laboratory performs a wide range of analysis on drinking water, wastewater, surface and ground water, soil, sediments, construction materials, sludge, etc. including air quality monitoring, noise and vibration testing. The environmental laboratory maintains a veteran staff of qualified analysts and experts who are not only well versed with the international and local environmental quality guidelines but also flexible enough to undertake special analysis on request of the clients subjected to the availability of the resources.

Environmental laboratory is a CEA registered laboratory for monitoring and evaluation of wastewater, noise pollution, air pollution and vibration.

Environmental Training & Awareness

The laboratory conducts regular training programs for state and private sector organizations such as universities, industries, etc. on the environmental quality monitoring, assessment and management.

Our commitment towards the Quality Assurance

The laboratory regularly participates in inter-laboratory competency programs conducted by leading laboratories of the country for the continual enhancement of analytical capacities. We are currently exercising the quality assurance practices and seeking the laboratory accreditation certification based on ISO 17025:2005.

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