Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing

Advanced Concrete Cover Meter

Provides Precise and non-destructive measurement of,

  • Concrete cover
  • Rebar diameters which are embedded in a concrete
  • Detection of rebar locations in a concrete


Chloride testing equipment

The equipment is used to measure the amount of chloride
pressent in wet or dry conctere

Extraction and Testing of Concrete

Depth of Carbonation Test of Concrete

Rebound Hammer Test of Concrete

Pull-Out Testing Machine



 Following destructive and non-destructive testing services can be received from BMRTD

Destructive Testing of Concrete
  • Extracting , End preparation and Testing of 50 mm-150 mm diameter core samples
  • (concrete roads, slabs, concrete culverts, beams, columns, decks, walls, wing walls etc.,)
  • Windsor probe test : Penetration resistance of concrete existing Structure
  • Extracting and determining the density of bituminous mixture
  • Pullout Test
Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete
Ultra-Sonic pulse velocity (UPV) Test
  • Measure the quality of concrete (Direct method)
  • Measure the quality of concrete (Indirect method)
  • Measure the crack depth (Indirect method)
Re-bound hammer test
  • Measure the surface hardened of concrete
Cover meter test
  • Measure the Re-bar location/Diameter
  • Measure the Re-bar location for core cutting
Other tests
  • Measure the crack width
  • Carbonation test (without drilling)
  • Load test
  • Half-cell potential test
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