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අපගේ මෙහෙවර
ආපදා අවදානම ඌන කිරීම සහ සුරක්ෂිත නිර්මිත පරිසරයක් උදෙසා පර්යේෂණ, සංවර්ධන සහ තාක්ෂණික සේවාවන් පවත්වා ගැනීම සහ වැඩි දියුණු කිරීම


Drilling and construction industries generally involve risky working conditions which may even lead to life threatening issues. So it is of utmost importance to put forward every possible precaution and safety measure to mitigate such undesirable consequences during work. The National Building Research Organization, with a great portion of its personnel constantly being exposed to unsafe conditions at worksites, feels it is a must to take the necessary precautions with regard to their safety,  in order to elevate the safety factor of its staff.     Stressing this significance of reinforcing the safety of its human resource, the NBRO took the initiative to implement new safety procedures to its staff members, by supplying them with Personal Protective Equipment which are standardized by leading health and safety regulating bodies in the world, as per the circular of the Ministry...
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 7th March, 2014 - The Record of Discussion for JICA technical cooperation to implement landslide mitigation project was signed on 7th March 2014 at the Ministry of Disaster Management by Mrs. S.M. Mohamed, Secretary of Ministry of Disaster Management on behalf of the Ministry of Disaster Management, Mr. Masafumi Nagaishi, Senior Advisor to the Director General Japan International Cooperation Agency, Eng. (Dr.) Asiri Karunawardena, Director General of NBRO and Mr. R. M. P. Ratnayake, Director General, Department of External Resources, Ministry of finance and planning, Government of Sri Lanka. Signing Ceremony, at the Ministry of Disaster Management, Government of Sri Lanka The Government of Sri Lanka has identified the necessity of safeguarding the people and their properties while building resilience of the vulnerable communities of the country...
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 21st January, 2014 - The National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) in collaboration with Norwegian Geo-technical Institute (NGI) of Norway, conducted a one day seminar on Geo hazard Assessment & Approaches for Impact Reduction in Matale district, Sri Lanka on Tuesday January 21, 2014 at the Taj Samudra hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. NGI provided the financial support needed for the execution of this seminar. GPR Handing over Ceremony, at Colombo, Sri Lanka During the seminar, Ground Penetration Radar equipment manufactured by Norwegian Geo-technical Institute (NGI) of Norway handed over to the National Building Research Organisation. In his welcome address, Eng. (Dr.) Asiri Karunawardena, Director General of NBRO highlighted the importance of conducting a geo hazard assessment on ground subsidence with advanced technical equipment such as Ground...
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