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September 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka: National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) in collaboration with The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) conducted a training programme  on “Integrated Satellite Application for Urban Disaster Risk Reduction – Flood and Landslide Risk Mapping” to enhance the capacity of disaster management practitioners working on geospatial applications on pre- and post-disaster interventions. The training programme was held at Regent Country Club, Malabe and Dons Lake Resort, Avissawela on 01st and 2nd September 2016 respectively. Mr.Khaled Mashifiq, Regional Liaison Officer for Asia Pacific of UNITAR’s Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT) conduted the training programme. Participants of the training programme were university lecturers, geologists, urban planners and officials from local authorities. The train...
Hands-on training programme under the Technical Co-operation for Mitigation of Natural Disasters due to Climate Change in Sri Lanka – Phase 2 The institutional cooperation project between National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) and Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) titled ‘Hands-on Technical Support for Mitigation of Natural Disasters due to Climate Change in Sri Lanka’ sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy, Colombo was started in November 2012. The ongoing cooperation project has now achieved 3.5 years of successful collaboration. The main aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of NBRO to mitigate adverse impacts of landslide and land subsidence incidents in Sri Lanka for the benefit of the people. Phase I of this project was completed in January 2016 and the Phase II was initiated on the 24th of August 2016. Work completed under the Phase 1 Subsidence Mapp...
Aranayake disaster occurred in last May inferred that a landslide can result in a debris flow. NBRO assessed the spread of this debris flow by an aerial survey. It has been observed that there are not many studies or survey results in Sri Lanka on the subject of debris flow, and debris flow is not recognized as a separate phenomenon in Sri Lanka so far.   Two experts from Japan who are professionals in early warning, disseminating risk information and land use regulation visited Sri Lanka shortly. They carried out a three-day field survey with NBRO officials to study the debris flow in Meeriyabadha, Aranayake, Kothmale and Rilpola landslide areas on 27th, 28th and 29th August 2016. Further, they conducted two workshops at NBRO to share the information collected from the field.  Moreover, they discussed the mechanisms of debris flow occurrence, and physical characteris...
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