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අපගේ මෙහෙවර
ආපදා අවදානම ඌන කිරීම සහ සුරක්ෂිත නිර්මිත පරිසරයක් උදෙසා පර්යේෂණ, සංවර්ධන සහ තාක්ෂණික සේවාවන් පවත්වා ගැනීම සහ වැඩි දියුණු කිරීම


OSASI TECHNOS INC. of Japan donated seven extensometers to NBRO for  landslide monitoring in Sri Lanka at the final seminar on ‘‘Feasibility Survey for Promoting the OSASI Landslide Remote Monitoring System (LRMS).’’ which was held on Friday, 1st July 2016 from 09:30 to 11:30 hrs at the Auditorium of National Building Research Organisation. OSASI TECHONS INC. and Earth System Science Co. Ltd of Japan through JICA jointly conducted a feasibility study on introducing instrumented ground monitoring of landslides in Sri Lanka in view of promoting landslide disaster risk reduction.   Ms. Maki YANO the president of OSASI TECHNOS INC formally handed over the Extensometer units to Eng. (Dr.) Asiri Karunawardena, Director General of NBRO ...
  Building Materials Research & Testing Laboratory of National Building Research Organisation was granted ISO 17025 Accreditation for the “Performing Mechanical Testing on Concrete cubes & Steel bars as per ISO and SLS methods”. The first laboratory in Sri Lanka, granted accreditation for steel testing...
The effects of climate change and climate variability give rise to frequent disasters globally, and the frequency of occurrence which has been observed as ever increasing. The situation in Sri Lanka is no exception, with landslides and flood incidents, becoming too frequent. Heavy and localized rains which fell in Sri Lanka during recent times caused an unprecedented disaster situation. Landslide means any type of movement of ground mass including land subsidence created due to natural causes or human activities. In the global context, landslides are triggered by earthquakes, volcanos, snow-melting and heavy rainfall. Almost all the time in Sri Lanka, landslides are triggered by rainfall. At times of heavy rainfall, water infiltrates through the top soil on the ground into the deep soil layers beneath, thus filling in empty pores in the soil. When the water in pores reaches close to sat...
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