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National Building Research Organisation Today

The National Building Research Organisation (NBRO), the premier research & development institute which was established in 1984 has now grown into a successful technical service provider and research and development institution where experts from multiple disciplines have teamed up and dedicated to create a disaster free safe environment for the nation. NBRO is the national focal point for all landslide related studies and services in Sri Lanka . NBRO’s expertise extends into a wide range of disciplines such as environmental science, human settlement planning, engineering project management, geotechnical engineering, and building materials engineering also. Over the years NBRO has developed her capacity to become a competent research institution in Sri Lanka and at present NBRO serves under  the Ministry of Disaster Management. NBRO recognizes the diversity of the problems faced by the nation in their living environment, and is geared up to achieve suitable solutions to maintain and improve the high quality of life.

NBRO heavily relies on self-earning and most of her financial resources are generated through consultancy & testing services offered to the state and the private sector.

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