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A mock drill was held for landslide early warning

Public evacuation in a mock drillOn August 01, 2011, NBRO together with DMC and JICA held a mock drill for strengthening the preparedness among all institutions involved in the process of landslide early warning.  As part of the planned processes, the Landslide Studies and Services Division of NBRO issued the first landslide warning at 14:00 hrs on August 01, 2011 to DMC alerting them of the possibility of triggering landslides in Hela Uda, Bogala, Godegama and Alakolawewa Grama Seva Wasam in Ratnapura, Kegalle, Hali Ela, and Walapane administrative divisions. Upon receiving NBRO’s alert, DMC alerted the relevant Divisional Secretaries who then disseminated the warning to the respective Grama Niladharie. Around 14:44 hrs, NBRO issued the second warning to DMC informing the necessity of preparing for evacuation. This warning also was disseminated to the Grama Niladhari level following the same process. In addition to issuing the landslide warnings at the Colombo Main office, NBRO scientists participated in this drill at the divisional level also.

Last Update : 14-02-2017.