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A devastating landslide had occurred in Koslanda Estate

On 29.10.2014, around 7:15 Hours a huge landslide had been occurred in the Meeriabedda Division of the Koslanda Estate. According to the sources, 7 line quarters had been buried under the debris; an estate bungalow and a kovil had been damaged.

NBRO has investigated the past instabilities occurred in this site in May 2005 and in November 2011. In both occasions, NBRO had recommended resettlement of the residents in the said line quarters. Even though they have been allocated alternative land, the residents had been using their dwellings in the Koslanda Estate also.

In the year 2009, with the support of the Disaster Management Centre and the Red Cross, NBRO had conducted an awareness programme to educate the communities in the area of the prevailing landslide risk in their neighbourhood. In that programme, the residents had been guided to form community based disaster management committees for being vigilant on the instability features visible in their surroundings and taking precautions for avoiding disasters. The Red Cross had handed over mega phones and manual rain gauges also to facilitate timely evacuation of the residents in their community during an hazardous situation. Despite all the efforts the area had been badly affected by a devastating landslide. A confirmed record on how many residents had been affected is yet to be received.

Views from the landslide affected area
Last Update : 14-02-2017.