Training & Awareness Programme

September 2016:  Human Settlement Planning and Training Division in collaboration with Divisional Secretariats, Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT), Urban Development Authority (UDA) and Disaster Management Center (DMC) conducted a series of awareness and training programmes on Disaster Risk Reduction. Grama Niladaries, Masons, Planning Officers and school students were the participants of this programme. The training programme was comprised of hazard resilient housing construction practices, measures for human settlement in landslide prone areas, and hazard and risk mapping. 

Training masons on Disaster Resilient Housing Construction

In collaboration with Ultratech Cement Lanka Pct. Ltd. a training programme on ‘hazard resilient housing construction’ was conducted for masons. Prime objective of this programme is to enhance the knowledge of the masons on hazard resilient housing construction techniques. This programme addresses best construction practices in housing construction. At the end of each programme, toolkits (trowel, plumb, measuring tape, spirit level and gloves) are distributed among the participants.

Training for Grama Niladharis working in landslide prone areas

Main objective of this training is to strengthen the Landslide Risk Assessment Process and create awareness on landslide hazard. How to identify a landslide, how to mitigate adverse impacts of landslides, landslide risk assessment process and the importance of hazard resilient housing construction methods were the topics discussed at the training.

Training for Technical Officers of Plantation Human Development Trust (PHDT)

The main objective of this training is to build awareness among technical officers of the PHDT on hazard resilient construction techniques particularly related to landslides. This training was conducted in collaboration with Disaster Management Centre (DMC) and Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA). The programme was mainly focused to enhance knowledge of technical officers who are engaged in the implementation of housing settlement in hilly areas. It also strengthened their understanding on building approval process of the NBRO. Grey areas with regard to building approval process were clarified during this programme.

Training for Planning Officers of Urban Development Authority (UDA)

Objective of this training is to integrate landslide hazard maps and landslide risk maps into UDA development plans. This training enables the planning officials to strengthen their understanding of urban planning and Disaster Risk Reduction tools and techniques.

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