Aggregate Testing


BMRTD is capable of performing all kinds of aggregate and rock testing which will be used in different construction activities. Both chemical and physical testing can be performed by BMRTD laboratories.




Automatic Sieve Shaker for sieve analysis of aggregate




Oven drying of aggregates for Water absorption test



Point load apparatus for testing rock specimens


Aggregate Impact Value Test of coarse aggregate

Following Aggregate testing services can be received from BMRTD

AGGREGATES - According to BS, BSEN, ASTM etc.
  • Grading of fine aggregate. including material finer than 75µm or 63 µm
  • Grading of coarse aggregate
  • Organic impurities (fine aggregate)
  • Aggregate crushing value (ACV)  
  • Aggregate impact value (AIV)
  • Flakiness index
  • Elongation index
  • Specific gravity, water absorption
  • 10% fines value
  • Moisture content
  • Soundness
  • Point load test
  • Surface texture & weathering grade
  • Loose bulk density                                                           
  • Grading of aggregate base coarse materials (ABC)
  • Deleterious materials
  • Los angeles abrasion Value
  • Grading of filter materials
  • Unconfined compressive strength of rock cores
  • Density (rock core specimen)
  • Splitting tensile strength for rock core
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